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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Eben: Jesus At The Center (Lyrics)

Guys today we have this lovely, inspiring and Holy Ghost filled Lyric from Emmanuel Benjamin aka Eben.

we at love this song because it help us remember that anytime we are passing through hardship, Jesus is at the center of the problem with us, also with you if you believe in Him. Let sing together.

At the center of it all
It's you that i see (x2)

There is power in your name
Miracles happen in your name

As we lift our voice in praise
It's you that i see (x2)

You are bigger
Bigger than the biggest
You are stronger
Stronger than the strongest

You are higher
Higher than the highest
You are greater
Greater than the greatest (x3)

Jesus (x8)

At the center of it all
It's you that i see (x2).

       Stay Bless

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