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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Treashy Feat: Zack De Zacky & Momo B - Black N Proud (Lyrics)

Hi guyz, today on we are celebrating our own naija brother by name Akanimo Bassey aka Treashy (Artist). As you all know Meldiest help talented people to promote their talents and also educate people on different fields.

Treashy is a Nigerian Europe base artist precisely from akwa - ibom state (ikot ekpene l.g.a) that makes all kinds of music - hiphop/RnB/afropop etc. So inspirational with his songs lyrics and titles.

Click link to watch the video=
 Song Lyrics
      First Rap
Black is not a colour but black is just a movement,
Black is everywhere like days without a weekend,
Now we're taking over the world,
Taking over the ball,
Taking over love we don't need no war,
I maybe black but i shine in the dark give u light,
We make the whole world laugh,
Give the whole world a swag,
Am so sorry if u can't take better pack your bags,
But if you're feeling come make we laugh,
Let's celebrate the love and oneness of black community,
It's not about the skin but your mind that's humanity,
Spread the love around,
Maybe with a sound any how u want do it let's do it now,
It's not too much to ask for,
Not dying we live forever know say we be actor,
This is the action film you're the doctor take care of my .....,
I drop the mic with a plaster,
Bros am so black and am so so proud.

We black and we proud
Taking over the world...yeah (x3)
We black and we proud
Taking over the world...yeah (x3)
We black and we proud
Taking over the world....yeah
Taking over love we don't need no war
We black and we proud
Taking over the world...yeah (x3)

     Second Rap
Master hip-hop de Zacky je débarque dans les rues de Panam avec un visa ou à la nage,
C'est quoi ton blem je suis bien là man,
Je viens pas foutre la bagaille ou même semé la bagarre je viens juste,
Balancer du bon son sur l'instru du mental yeah,
Rien à foutre d'être ou pas dans la gamme,
Rien à foutre appel moi le mc de Yaoundé,
Negros je suis têtu comme Rosa Parck donc,
Si on me contrôle pour ma couleur dans le bus je me presente pas,
Je suis le dreameur appelle-moi Martin Luther,
Je porte en moi la force et le courage d'un black Panters,
Okay, ou sont mes mc moi je les vois pas,
Appel moi Zack de Zacky je suis trop loin je les calcule pas,
Et Lampedusa se remplit hein,
l'Europe verse les larmes du cahot qu'elle a creer en Afrique,
Conscient qu'ils exploitent mes terres,
Je suis venu récupérer une part du butin de colonies.

           Back to chorus once

      Third Rap
I'm the man,
I'm that man,
I'm black and i say it loud,
Proud to be who i am,
It's not a puzzle where u have to find  the hustle,
I know you feel stronger when you see me down,
You feel better when you call me Mr brown,
You feel angry when I'm not in misery,
And u said all our pain are old history,
I am a hopeless, Romantic, Poetic,
With a dirty mind,
With a deeper surviving instinct,
So have the courage to treat me like a man,
It's no more a hidden mystery,
Of stolen legacy of my history, so,
Up mighty race my philosophy,
No more complex inferiority,
I know who i am and i know where i am coming from.

       Back to chorus once
                 THE END
             We are blacks n proud.

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