5 Ways To Build A Godly Relationship

5 Ways To Build A Godly Relationship
Many relationships have been led astray by wrong mindset which has caused lots of failure in relationships. Many don’t know how to have a relationship that pleases God.
Let’s look at some ways to have a Godly relationship.

1.    Learn to be polite: To many its very difficult to say the word “I'm Sorry”. Learn to start with the word please and don’t let your ego drive you.

2.    Know Who you are: In relationships today we forget who we truly are, we forget that we are the temple of God and we are supposed to be pure in anything we do. Remember you are a child of God.

3.    Set Boundaries: Many relationships have failed because they were no boundaries to control and direct the relationship. A relationship without boundaries is like a car without brake, it can go anywhere it wants without control.

4.    Have An accountability partner: An accountability partner is a person that can give accounts of how the relationship is going, it might be a friend(God fearing), elders of the church, parents etc. He or she must be an honest person, a person who will always tell the truth, whether it hurts or not.

5.    Watch what you read and watch: Many times what we read or watch triggers our mind to think on many things we fall in lust merely because of what we read and watch. Pornography which we watch and see has been one of the biggest reasons we fall in sin of lust and fornication which destroys a relationship.

Finally relate with each other as a brother or sister with absolute purity…

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