A Good Friend

There are a lot of responsibilities of a good friend. As a good friend you have to be sincere, honest, reliable, truthful, loyal, always prepared to offer help in any way you can.And I hear people ask if I do all these for them( my friends) what do they have to do for me? Well,they are expected to do the same for you and if they don't,you still have to be a friend and forgive. Don't be a fairweather friend.Be there for your friends both in good times and in bad times.You should be there when they need you and sometimes when you know they need you but don't know how to tell you.Sometimes we do have some friends that like to prove that all is well while deep down all is not really well.You should be there to hold their hands and tell them to cheer up. You should be there to give them good advice and sometimes be there only to listen.You should be there when other friends have fallen by the wayside. Know whom are really your friends because a person with many friends has no friend at all.

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