How To Know True Love

Hi guys! how is your day,beautiful right?and to some of us we were so busy and it was just a normal day.This post is for those who really want to know the difference between true love and infatuation.It seems difficult to differentiate them when you set your eyes on that lady or man of your dreams.Now the question is how do you know that someone really loves you?
Majority of the"I'm in love" we hear these should be replaced with "I'm infatuated".This misplacement has caused a lot of heart breaks in relationships and marriages.
Here are the differences between love and infatuation.
Infatuation is always blind to someone's weakness. It is in this aspect that we hear people say love is blind while love acknowledges that a person is not perfect but accommodate the person's imperfections.
Infatuation only considers the feelings and looks while love looks beyond feelings.
You can be attracted to someone one day and few months later you are attracted to someone else.Love is kind and never fails.
Love is long suffering that means its patient, infatuation is always in a haste.
Infatuation fades with time while love can pass the test of time. In the Bible Jacob loved Rachel,he served Rachel's father for seven years and served for extra seven years.I imagined it to be in our time,Rachel would have had a child or more for Jacob before their marriage or she would have just parked her things to Jacob's house without bothering herself waiting for marriage.
Love grows with time,no matter how long Jacob and Rachel waited their love for each other didn't fade.
If he/she is always attracted to you give it sometime.
He/she is always very nice to you give it sometime.
You always see him or her in your dreams and you already want to conclude that it is true love give it sometime.
Remember you can find true love if you look beyond feelings and attractions.
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