Responsibilities As A Child

Old people
Hi guys,here in Meldiest we also talk about relationships with family members.Today we will be talking about the responsibilities of a child to the parents.
Everyone is a child although you are grown up and might not realise that you are a child. As long as your parents or one of your parents is alive you are still his or her child and your responsibility is to be cooperative, thoughtful and obedient to them.You might sound harsh to them because they drive you crazy. They might be annoying but you have to accommodate them,they feel bad when you sound harsh to them.They are blessings to you and it is a priviledge to have them,many wanted to see their parents alive but they could not.Your role is to;
1. Always look after them if that is what they want.
2. Always listen to them even when they are complaining to you without sighing or feeling bored.
3. Appreciate the fact that they had a long and hard life gathering to train you.
4. Always write to them,call them on phone and visit them show them you care.
5. And please do not speak I'll about them in front of your children, always tell your children that they have the greatest grandparents in the world.
6. Be happy when they come to stay with you and happily let them watch their favourite TV programmes without complaining (might be difficult to many).
7. And most especially always pray for them,treat them the way you would want your children to treat you,remember you will be old someday.
They brought you up,they might have made mistakes forgive them and be nice to them.
Old age is a very beautiful stage,your parents deserve to be treated decently,they need attention,someone to listen to them.Treat them with care.

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  1. Nice writeup. Even the Bible said "with the same measure that you mete withal shall it be measured back to you". So respect and honour is a seed sown that must bear fruits someday. I pray that God will open our understanding to assimilate the above message.