Must I Always Be Good?

Must I Be Good?
No matter how hard you try to please everyone around you,there must be people that appreciate your efforts to be good and those that does not even care if you are good or not.

 Does that mean you should stop doing good? 
You must not be good to everyone on earth,you might be discouraged to do good because,to some people everyone is a bad person,no one is good to them even when you do your best. Don't be discouraged in your good works because few or even many people are looking up to you,they look at you as the best and they also believe in you. Continue doing good for your good works will find you, don't be discouraged by people's behaviour towards you,always remember that there are people that your good deeds are affecting. You might not know who your good works today will affect tomorrow,you might not know the lives your good deed is affecting positively. Don't hurt or tremble on those that believe and trust you in your zeal to please those that does not value you,because those that value you are those that deserve you
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