Our Destiny Is Our Choice

Though God has created us and He knows what each of us will be in life.He does not go ahead to mould or force us to our destiny,He gives us the opportunity to work towards and choice our destiny.
The intention of God was that Saul would deliver the children of Israel from the oppressions of their enemies, the Amalikites and others. Of course, Saul  would have been great after doing that, if he did it well. It would have gone down in history that he was great.
However, along the line this opportunity to be great, by his choice deviated, invariably, averted his destiny. (1 sam 15:1-35).

Moses was called to deliver the children of Israel from the bondage of the Egyptians and to lead Israel to freedom. Or course, God did not mean that he should lead them Canaan and then not enter therein. But because along the line of his leadership, he expressed hot temper against his subjects, that caused him to deviate from his commission and that altered his destiny, unbelievably he could not enter Canaan where he was commissioned to lead the people into, but those he led entered.
(Numbers 32:48-52).

Elishah when and once in contact with Prophet Elijah, decided to cleave unto him no matter whose ox is goresd, eventually became an indelible miracle worker of God. He was a professor in a Theology school before his death. He received the double portion of Elijah. Along the line of following Elijah there were many events capable of stopping him for following Elijah but he puts all those events aside. He determined to reach his destiny and he did. Our destiny is our choice.(2kings 2:1-12).

Compare Elishah with Gahazi, Gahazi would have made it as Elishah did but he allowed event that occurred along side the journey to his destiny to over-crowd him, therefore altered his destiny. It was his choice. (2kings 5.15-27,26-27).

Our destiny is our choice, God does not determine it. God liberalized opportunities; it is left for anyone who wishes to feast on the opportunities or not to. Our destiny is our choice!

The  daughters of Zelophehad would have remained destitute all their lives if they had not decided to change their situation. It was not God who advised them, They made use of their initiatives. They changed their destiny. (Numbers 27:1-11).

Jesus Christ had a destiny, but there were many challenges to the destiny. There was a time the people wanted to volunteer him to be a Ruler of the people (John 6:15). There was another time the devil threw a challenge, "If you are the son of God, command the stones to be bread". All these and others were the challenges to his destiny. The choice was His, to choose to make his destiny by putting aside all these challenges, or could choose to be a leader of the people and lose the opportunity of being the Saviour of the world. (Luke 4:5-15).

By Joseph's episode, he had a destiny. There were early signs to the destiny - dreams. The destiny would have been altered if  Joseph did not hold fast to his destiny, Just a single submission to pervasive sex would have led him to a different destiny.

God never commissioned any male folk to "cambia his male status but unfortunately, today many have altered their reproductive purposes thereby altering their destinies...........

Our destiny is our choice! We can determine our happiness or sadness. We can determine our poverty or sufficiency. We can determine to stay or to move. We can determine to be rich or poor. Our destiny is our choice!

REMEMBER:- God has given you the fruits. However, if you desire to have orange or apple juice, makes it yourself. It is left to us to produce any fruit juice we want,out of the fruits He has provided for us.God has provided the resources that will help you to reach to your destiny,it is up to you to make use of the resources wisely.
                                                                         Make the right choice and  don't get distract.

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