Perfect Relationship

Perfect Relationship
In the mind of an average youth is the desire to have a perfect relationship,it is the dream of all to have a beautiful relationship,free from errors or defects,free from misunderstandings.
Many are out there hunting for the 100% perfect partner.Seriously? Can we find such a person? Can we find such a perfect relationship that is free from misunderstandings?
Well due to our individual differences we are bound to have misunderstandings in our relationships.
The only relationship one can have with a perfect being is the relationship with God.
He is ever perfect ,He loves us unconditionally even when we sin against Him.When someone has a good relationship with God, He will help that person in his or her relationships with fellow humans.
So in our search for the perfect Prince Charming and Princess Snow White let us have in mind that there is no perfect one apart from God and let's also accept our differences.Are you looking for a partner?
Build a good relationship with God today and ask from Him.
Meldiest says so..........

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