Quest For Wisdom

Quest for Wisdom
Wisdom is a normal thing all human is supposed to have and input it in every area of their lives, most especially the Christians.Wisdom is the ability to apply Knowledge or Experience or Understanding or Common sense and Insight, This is Dictionary way of explaining Wisdom.

Biblical definition of wisdom:- Is the ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, Based on knowledge and understanding.
Wisdom teachings of the Bible  follow from the two great themes of the Ten Commandment and the Greatest Commandment of JESUS: Reverence to God,Our Creator and  reapect for all human everywhere. (Proverb 1:7,20,22).

Wisdom means always acting according to the Spirit of the commandment's and not looking for an ambiguity or Omission which  we can use to evade their true intent.
Wisdom means Understanding the consequences of our actions and words before we act or speak, and it also mean having the knowledge and understanding to recognize the right course of action and having the will and courage to follow it. (Proverb 2:9).
Following the ways of wisdom  helps bring us in harmony with God because these ways are in accordance with His will, As revealed in the Bible, and are pleasing to Him.
The wisdom teachings of the Bible are much more than an arbitrarily dictated moral code; They form a prescription for living in peace with the people we interact with interact with daily.
Finally, acting with wisdom brings us a sense of self-worth and Inner peace. This inner peace is achieved because we are acting in accordance with our consciences and avoiding the shame and guity of following our baser instincts.(proverb 3:13-18).
                                  Live in Wisdom.....

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