The Ensnared

Few days to Valentine, the season of vows,many shopping for beautiful rings for the marriage proposals,many busy searching for the better gifts for their lovers, some are also thinking of the best way to propose.Beautiful, so lovely. But only few have paused to seek for the will of God.The Bible says" I find it more bitter than death the woman who is a snare,whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains,the man who pleases God will escape her but the sinner she will ensare"(Ecclesiastics 7:26).Not only a woman can be a snare, a man can also be a snare.Many are trapped in the hearts of those they think love them.I so much love what the scripture said only a man that pleases God will escape the snares,only a man and also a woman that wants to please God in all he or she does will pause and ask God who sees beyond the physical looks for help. A lot of married men and women today are ensnared and imprisoned,I see many youths sheepishly walking into the same snares that trapped others. They don't even care what will happen because they have been blinded by the so called"love". Some are even the ones to chain their hands by themselves and they will even be happy about it but in a matter of months and years their eyes will be opened to see the prison the are in.My prayer is always that there should be youths that ask God for His will before they take any decision.
Always remember in everything you do ask God for His will and also ask Him to help you not to be carried away by beauty so you will not be ensnared.
                                    Remain blessed...
                                    Meldiest says so....

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  1. Amen. I ask for the grace to maintain an open eyes and sensitive initiative.