Sometimes I sit wondering why people Fail or Fall, because I know we all have potentials in us, Some people make records and break records that was set by someone else or the ones they set themselves " (Usain Bolt,Michael Phelps)", While some just keep wasting their potentials. Then I got to this view of understanding that those who are successful in life are not scared to make decision and to fail.
Then I sat right on my sit. saying if you have a dream you got to protect it; Don't be afraid to fail, quit your sleeping because you can't always win in life, don't be scared of taking decisions.
He who said he can and he who says he can't are both usually right, If you're not ready to try over and over again you can't get to the top, Because the top are for the stubborn men that will never give-up.

Most of you want to be successful and you dont want to pass through trials and hard times,you always want the good times, If you don't want to face the hard times then you are not ready, Because the Good and Bad works together to bring out the best in you.
If you want to achieve a goal you most strive hard like taking in you last strength to work it out.
Do yourself this favour, ask yourself "WHO" do i want to be?, Figure it out yourself, what makes you happy, No matter how crazy it may sound to others people........ Your happiness is in your hands, just as succeeding  and failing lays on you, When you get to know "WHO" you are and "WHO" you want  to be, then rise up on our feet and take what is in your hands, stand bold and make good use of it, Don't let what people say about you to bring you down.What people says about you shouldn't make you feel bad or sad because they are not your God, Immediately someone says bad about you stand with boldness and tell them, I am wonderful and fearfully made
  • I am great
  • I am strong and creative
  • I am unique and prosperous
  • I am rich and bless
  • I am a king and ruling
  • I am the sort of the earth
  • I am endow with wisdom
  • I am a life changer
  • I am indisputable
  • I am a conqueror
  And while telling them all this also make them know that, Failure,Discombobulation, Disgrace,Sadness is not in my world.
Speak positive to yourself and about yourself.                                                          QUOTE: Many rich and great men you see today make use of others people potentials,Energy and Ideas to build their wealth---- You can do the same by developing your potentials, energy and ideas first.                                                                                                                                                  Keep Fear Out Of Your World.                                                                                                                            Meldiest say so....

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