You Are God Alone by William Mcdowell (Lyrics)

William Mcdowell
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Well today we are giving you the lyrics of a very good gospel song by William McDowell titled " You Are God Alone"
                       [Verse 1]
 You're not a God created by human      hands,
 You're not a God dependent on any  mortal man,
 You're not a God in need of anything we  can give,
 By your plan,that's just the way it is.
 You are God alone, from before time  began,
 You were on your throne,you are God  alone,
 And right now,in the good times and  bad,
 You are on your throne,you are God  alone.
 You're the only God whose power none  can contend,
 You're the only God whose name and  praise will never end,
 You're the only God who's worthy of  everything we can give,
 You are God, that's just the way it is.
                       [Chorus x4]
 You're unchangeable (unchangeable),
 Unshakable (unshakable),
 Unstoppable (unstoppable),
 That's who you are (that's who you are).
   [Chorus; key changes from G to Ab].
 (Repeat Bridge and chorus several times as you want).
                                            Remain blessed

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