Champions League History

Camp Nou recorded a history yesterday as Barcelona stretched out to make the Unbelievable Believable with Historic UCL comeback over Paris Germain.

Barcelona did the unimaginable. They straggled to win 6-1, and win 6-5 on aggregate, to go through to the quarter-finals against all odds.

Striving Hard

The Barcelona team showed the world how they were tested to the very limit, Luis Enrique's side stretched through, It was a good and brilliant first half  as well as an excellent second half meant that Barcelona were 3-0 up after 50th minutes. It took some minutes before the Catalans could score another 2 goals to level-up the goal aggregate between them and PSG, it wasn't that easy.

Paris Saint Germain attacker Edinson Cavani scored a quick goal from the counter to give his side hope and ruined the celebration in Camp Nou in the sixty-second minute, Cavani goal killed the joy in Camp Nou completely. Barcelona became impatient and fight back without giving up,

Neymar was on fire yesterday throughout, he was making those runs and passes for 90th minutes, with a incredible performance from Barcelona starting from the 1st minute to the 90th minutes the officials added an extra-time. In the 95th minutes of the extra-time  Sergi Roberto scored the winning goal to give his side total victory.

Camp Nou fans were singing a victory song, just as the children of Zion, To crown it all, the Catalans set a Champions League record on wednesday 8/3/2017, 22:20hrs. Sport.

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