Just A Little Disobedience

1Kings 13:1-end. This is a story of a man of God from Judah.God used him mightily to deliver a message to Jeroboam. He heard from God and spoke according to what God asked him to. The signs he gave through the words of God came to pass but h made a terrible mistake of disobedience, that mistake took his life without considering how God has been using him.He did that God asked him not to do,he was deceived by a fellow prophet.
In our world today God has commanded us on what to do and what not to do but many of us are disobeying God in order to obey our prophets. Even the prophet tat the Lord used mightily was punished without considering that it was a fellow prophet that deceived him. It is a lesson to us,we should know the words that comes from the Lord and the words that are deceitful.
How can we know the words of the Lord? We can know His words by having the descending spirit to be able to differentiate the words that comes from the Lord and the words that are not from the Lord.Meditate in the words of the Lord,many only read the Bible as a novel without asking the Holy spirit to teach so that they can understand.
One of the problems we are having these days is that people take what the Pastors, Reverends, Prophets etc say more serious than what God has said. They don't care about the words that come from the Lord.They are not afraid of disobeying God but afraid of disobeying their prophets.
Note:This message is not to condemn you or to ask you to disobey the "men of God" but this message is to remind you to always listen and obey the words of the Lord.
                           Remain blessed......

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