Make Your Life Easy

Easy Life
LIFE is made up of the past event and particles of dreams we had or have.
HOW: In life if you don't past through life events such as the hardship we had past through or still passing through, We will not be motivated to take the bull by the horn and move on, And the dreams we had or have are in particles which help us to know WHEN and HOW to keep moving.

In life you need not to allow the past issues of life control your present, rather let go of the past issues or event and focus on what the future has for you.

The unsuccessful people you see in life are the people that keep complaining of their past, what their past has done to them or what they think they ought to be in the past  and believe they can't be now, that's why they remain in one spot. If you want to be successful in life keep your past away from you and never complain about it, because when you complain of your past it kills your inner mind (Dream).

You  falling down doesn't mean you cannot rise up again, it is only when you fall down and keep loving the things you see down, then it might be hard to rise again, because you have accepted what life is giving to you, remember (when you are down, you are down to nothing). But when you fall and look up and see the beautiful things up above the ground you are, then you will motivated to rise up again and move on, even when you had sustain injuries.

Do you know every failure is leading toward a success, because doing something and getting it wrong is at least ten times productive than doing nothing, So when you fail or fall in life don't think it's over, learn from your mistakes and correct it, then you will find out how easy life can be and you will have know more worries.

REMEMBER:- Life is easy, it's just the past events in life that makes it complicated, stop complaining and get to the top.
      Let your past not stop you from moving on.

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