Too Busy To Be busy With Loved Ones

Some of us have loved ones close to us and we forget to call them,it might not be because we don't care but because we are too busy.It is so easy not to notice people close to us.The most annoying part is that we keep complaining that we have not heard from them or that we are missing them yet we are too busy to call.
Even in the family some parents are too busy that they can't call their nannies or children to know how they are fairing, Always too busy,this is one of the causes of the problems in our societies,it affects the children negatively because they don't have parental care and it makes the children feel that their parents does not care for them.Too busy to call your wife or husband just to know how he or she is doing,this is one of the causes of break ups or divorces.We have to make out time out of our busy schedules to call our loved ones because before we know it weeks,months then years have passed without we staying in touch.Many of us are waiting for them to call first,as you are waiting for them to call first that is the same way they are waiting for you to call,be the first to call and stop complaining.
They love you to give them something precious which is your time and attention.When the phone rings and it's your wife, child, friend, brother, mother, father etc don't be too busy to keep them on hold,don't allow them to waste their airtime while you are busy, give them full attention or ask if you can call back later, And when you are done with whatever you were doing try to call them back.
"The more time we put into our relationships with siblings, children, friends, parents, spouses the more we get out of them".
                       Stay in touch......

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