Why You Should Wash Fruits And Vegetables Properly Before Eating

Rainy season is around the corner,there are a lot of fruits and vegetables in the market and many people are going to consume a lot of toxins if not properly guided and informed. Fruits and vegetables can harbour disease causing micro organisms such as shiga-toxin,salmonella etc.That is why you should always wash fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating.Washing helps to remove dirt's,dust and also some pesticides,it also improves the shelf-life of the product.
The quality of water used for washing is very important, in this part of the country some vegetables are being sliced in the market and the water used to wash the vegetables use to be dirty because that same water has been used to wash vegetables previously.Instead of reducing the amount of micro organisms it intoduces more pathogens to the vegetables.It is advisable to take the vegetables home,wash them properly before slicing and make sure your chopping board is clean to avoid contaminating the vegetables.
All micro organisms have a defined temperature in which they grow,some can survive in a high temperature, vegetables are not to be cooked for long to avoid loss of nutrients some of these micro organisms can survive and cause harm to the body when consumed.
Many of us have formed the habit of only splashing water on fruits before eating without proper washing sometimes we introduce pathogens to the fruits with our dirty hands.
It is also advisable to wash fruits and vegetables with water and salt because some of the fruits and vegetables are preserved from pests with pesticides.These pesticides can cause harm to the body.
                                   Stay healthy...

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