Everything Is Alright

It Is Well
2Kings 4:8-44. These words "everything is alright" and "it's well" always bring hope and faith to the heart. Before someone will make these sentences that means that person has hope that surely everything must be fine.
I once watched a movie where soldiers were discouraged and were always saying that they would die,I was already crying for them because I knew that they will die,the war was very tough but the commander rebuked them.He said "we will die but not today" and that was what he said everyday. At the end of the movie I discovered that those that believed did not die but those that were scared and always complained died.
In the Bible the Shunammite woman lost her only child, when Gehazi asked her if everything was fine,she said "all is well".Her response shocked me, I was expecting her to be shouting and weeping but her response was positive.  These stories might sound like a fiction to you but I tell you it is true. If you keep telling yourself that you can't make it,definitely you won't make it.
In the struggles of life there are many obstacles,will you give up or will you strive to be one of the survivers?. Will you conclude that you will die or will you say to yourself that you won't die until it's you time to. Some people have used their words to kill themselves even before their time. In that situation you find yourself, encourage yourself by speaking positive words to yourself. Instead of always complaining to people you know won't help you,people that are also passing through the same situation. Sometimes people are waiting to hear you complain of your marriage, your studies, your relationship etc, surprise them......... Why don't you speak positively to yourself, also to others around you and everything will be fine.
                      All is well.........

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