Out Of Love (Family Matters)

Out Of Love
This baffle me always any time I see married  couples behave like kids and can't respect themselves and be lovely to each other, rather their disrespect themselves and respect their pastor's,friend's and parent's more than themselves and even treat them special than themselves when they visit their home at that moment the couples pretend to be lovers and call themselves pet names (hypocrite love).
When these couples met themselves and fell in love they were calling themselves all the lovely pet names you can think of, e.g ( my heart, my love, my world, my smile, my queen, my king, mummy and daddy e.t.c, they always want to spend time together, and have all the fun they can, even their friends get jealous of them dew to the way they where loving themselves in their courtship. But when they got married everything changed after some years the husband start calling the wife by name and wife also did the same, they always get themselves offended, quarrelling and keeping malice with each other.
It get worsts when they have children, they start calling themselves by their children name ( Williams Mum and beauty Dad ); they don't respect themselves even when the children are around.

Jokers Pretence ( Love and Respect )

These jokers couples make me to laugh seriously because when their Pastors or friends come to pay them visit, the husband will buy the most expensive wine and spend expensively what he doesn't spend for the wife, and the wife will cook a delicious meal she hardly cook for the husband, and both of them will call their Pastor and the Pastor wife; ( Daddy, Mummy or Sir and Ma ) till their leave, and these couples think they are showing respect or love to their Pastors, both of them are jokers.

If they can't respect and love themselves as husband and wife ( Bone of the their bones, and flesh of their flesh ). And they are pretending to love their friends,pastors or an outsider they are jokers full with pretence.

Division ( Love ).

Most of these couples go further  to divide the love among their children by choosing the child their love most, that's too bad. Even if one of the child is more brilliant than the others or quiet than the rest they don't have to choose and make the rest feel extreme dislike. God love all of us equal
The problem with these couples is that they are not matured in mind, because a mature mind gets offended and let go the offender by ( Forgiving )
Matured minds keep loving.....Get matured.

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