Positive Thinkers

stock photo, stone, bag, ground, letters, quote, think, happy, lettering, positive, minimal, beIn life there are many categories of people. There are people that are always complaining, people that are neither complaining nor happy. People that always view the wrong side of life and never see the good side and there are people that think positively even when things are tough.I know that a lot of people are passing through different problems that make them feel sad but there is a clear difference between feeling sad at times and dwelling in sadness.It affects friendships and relationships because you find out that when you have friends that are always sad and mourning you find yourself joining in the sadness. Make friends with people that will encourage you,help you to build your new ideas and support you. I thank God for my friends,I have a friend that whenever I have a problem she will just grap my hands and start praying,that alone is an encouragement to me.She doesn't allow things wear her down and that is one of the things I learnt from her.There are people you will share your problems with they will add more worries to you.In education, as a student one is asked to make friends with students that are more intelligent,iron sharpens iron.
Are your friends dragging you down or helping to raise you up both spiritually, in your business,in your academics etc.Stay away from friends that bring you down,friends that makes you feel depressed.
Are you a friend that is always sad,always seeing the bad side of life.You are supposed to be encouraging your friends and not dragging them down with your saddness.Be a positive thinker, your negativity is affecting those close to you.And if you have a friend that suddenly starts thinking negatively,try to carry that friend along find the reason for the sudden change,show him or her the postive side of life and if he or she does not want to leave the unhappiness leave that person before you join him or her.
I have a friend that will always say "if I am not learning any postive thing from someone I call a friend I better leave the person".Each of you as friends are supposed to be learning positive things from each other,friendship is not parasitism or a parasitic relationship.
Remember:-"If you want to be successful in life think positively and make friends that are positive thinkers".

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