7 Important PointsTo Note About Your Journey In Life

 Journey In Life
Numbers 33:1-9
This life we are is a journey, we face a lot of challenges in it.There are things you should note about this life.

1. You can't start a journey today and end it today, the journey of life takes time and it has a destination. Our ultimate destination on earth is heaven.

2. No matter how the situations surrounding the journey is,movement is not a negative thing,it is a part of life.

3. In Numbers 33:2 The isrealites noted down their starting point.It is good to remember where you started from and the stages you were before you got to where you are now.

4.Remember that God is with you,don't be afraid. Isaiah 41:10-14.

5. You will pass over the red sea,the red sea is that stage it seems very difficult to cross but remember God will always secure a way for you to cross over,He can not send you to an impossible journey.

6. Numbers 33:8,Exodus 25:23. Do not murmur when you get to Marah.Pray to God as Moses did for an outstanding solution.Marah means a place of bitterness.Beside Marah there is always a cure.In every bitterness there is always a sweetener around.

7.Marah is not forever, after Marah comes Elim,a place of refilling but remember Elim is not Canaan the final destination, don't feel at rest in Elim.

Until you get to your destination your stopover can never be your destination. If you look at things surrounding you,you will not make a move in life........

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