Can You Love Me At My Worst?

Relationship:- Is the coming together of two people, to be refined to one.

In relationship both partners need to humble themselves and forget about egos, who is the eldest or who is always right, because in relationship there is no aggregate age but it requires maturity in all aspect (physically, spiritually and otherwise)  because true love know not that.

Men:- You really need to bring yourself down to the level of your woman, rather than feeling too big and always right, come on brother that won't help your relationship to grow. Bring yourself down to her standard or level and understand all what she wants you to understand or what she  thinks is right for you both and when she is wrong,talk to her in the rightful way in order not to bring quarrel between yourselves. Accept her imperfections and love her, the same goes to the Women.

Women:- Try to adapt to your man, don't say he is not Romantic, or too Dull for your liking, Ladies you can not see or have a perfect man because that is impossible, you need to take that Unromantic, Dull and Dirty man teach him and add what you feel is missing in him that you want to see in your relationship; If you can take him/her with those imperfections and cherish it, keep loving while you are trying to change it, then he or she will Respect  and love you forever.

Quote: A person that accepts your perfections and imperfections,worth 100% of your love.


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