The Power Of Biblical Fellowship (Acts 2:42-43)

 Power Of Biblical Fellowship
There is power in biblical fellowship no doubt! The power is derived from the fact that biblical fellowship is the road to the mechanisms of unity, and where there is unity there is power.
Why is there power in biblical fellowship? Because, biblical fellowship attracts the presence of God. The bible says, where two or three are gathered in His name He is there in their midst - you can imagine what happens at the presence of God! What the power of God suggests are:
  1. The power to live above sin and reproach
  2. The power to overcome  enemies 
  3. The power to endure, should there be any problem, hardship, or any unexpected situation
  4. The power to do the work of God
  5. The power to heal 
  6. The power to win and be successful.

Therefore - We as Christians must, as a matter of obligation embrace, practice and insist on biblical fellowship. It generates awesome power.
Imagine what happened to the wall of jericho, as the children of Israel united in fellowship, the power of God show forth and make the wall to fall, Imagine what the power of unity did for Esther and her people, If you can respond to biblical fellowship and make it as a duty with love and unity, then the Great and Mighty God will always give you peace and His will Manifest.
Hear this:- Whenever there is biblical fellowship the atmosphere changes and children of God participate and practice heavenly things
If you want to feel or know how heavenly things is? participate in biblical fellowship.

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