At The Wrong Place Doing The Right Thing

 The Wrong Place

Things go wrong and we worry,though we are doing the right thing,why are things going wrong? In our sights we are doing the right thing then why are things falling apart?
Psalm 137:1-6 answers the question,we are doing the right thing at the wrong place and time. It is time for us to dwell in the presence of God and many are out of the of His presence, it's time for us to pray and cry for the fallen Jerusalem ( Christianity) and many are at ease.There are places that a child of God is not supposed to be, the strange land,the land of sin, the foreign land.Many are at ease on the foreign land and even singing the Lord's song I that strange land.In the world today they even sing the Lord's song in clubs. Those days if someone is being captured, he Cry's for help,but nowadays if one is captured in sin he stays at ease and even sing the Lord's song to entertain the captors.Lord help us! How can we forget Jerusalem the home of our birth.The place of joy,nowadays people come to the house of the Lord to he entertained. Entertainment is not a bad thing but is the house of the Lord the place for entertainment? In the verse we read their captors asked them to sing one of the songs of Zion, their tormentors demanded songs of joy.  They remembered where they came from and wept for themselves. Nowadays we not only sing one of the songs of Zion in the strange land,we sing many of the songs of Zion and even make caricature of the songs in the strange land. May the Lord help us.
Don't feel at ease in that strange land,wake up today and cry for help.
                Remain blessed...

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