God's Approval

2Timothy 2:15 GNB - Do your best to win full approval in God's sight.

What Is Approval:- Confirmation, Endorsement, Acceptance.

If we work and do our best in which ever area God calls us to work, and we remain obedient and submissive to the rules God has given us, when it is time for approval, He will come and confirm those who indeed worked diligently and award them all, E.g A soldier on active service wants to please the commanding officer, WHY; because he wants after the service when it is time for selection for promotion the commandant will approve him as one of the loyal and humble worker.

We the children of God, we are the soldiers of Christ here on earth and we need to work hard and do our best so that we can be approved worthy of His Kingdom on the last day, Philippians 2:12 Says  continue to workout your salvation with fear and trembling.
Work as a worker who is not ashamed of His work, God is looking for that soldier or the  people who are ready to stand firm with boldness not to deny him but to preach, teach, decree and declare His words anywhere, Remember He says in 2Timothy 2:12- If we deny Him , He will deny us, and this is what the master does to those who are ashamed and deny him not proud to do his work.

Question:- Those people that a ashamed of the work of Christ, what do you think is their problem
2Timothy 2:15 GNB- Says one who will correctly teaches the message of God's truth.

1. They have no truth in them, and aren't ready to give themselves to the learning or summit to teaches. Acts 6:4.
2. They are not ready to serve nor teach, Romans 12:7, they don't bother to know their calling, they just want to live free. But the Bible makes us to know that God is looking for those who will give themselves freely to the teach His message in a truthful way without compromising it.

2:16 - Keep away from profane and foolish discussions, which only drive people further away from God - Brethren we that are ready to do the work of our Heavenly Father should please keep away from stupid, silly, and idiotic discussions and gathering that will drive us far away from God and make us more Godless. 2Timothy 2:23.

The discussions and gathering that is  good for us are the Biblical discussions and positive gathering that will end in peace and we all will be happy without offending each other.
        I pray we will end well in Jesus Name............and we all say............?


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