Intimacy Misinterpreted

Most people are getting it all wrong misunderstanding the word intimacy in relationship, Even many married couples don't know what the word intimacy means,tgey think it only means sex.

Meaning of intimate:- Friendly, Familliar, Close, Warm, Involving sexual relation, Faithful, Devoted, Favourite, Constant e.t.c.

Intimate to me is the gluing together in each others world.
I brought out this topic because of what I  have been seeing in relationships, these issues have made most ladies end up as single mothers

So many youths don't really understand what relationship is all about but do get themselves involve in it, most of them see relationship as a platform of  having fun like clubbing, having sex etc.
They take relationships to be  a means of warming themselves and satisfying  their sexual desire, after all the fun they break-up, this mostly happen to the ladies after getting pregnant for a guy, the guy make them feel misused and rejected, but one thing keep amazing me and that is when this people met,most of the guys will always tell the ladies i need a truthful, intimate relationship that will lead to holy matrimony just to decieve the ladies that they're real, but after pregnancy the ladies are treated  badly after several years of sexual intimacy to make the guys know they truly love them and want to make a home with them.Many of these ladies are stuck to such relationships because they have had children for the guy in question and many have succeeded in murdering innocent babies so that they won't end up being single mothers.
In most relationships at first they had never wanted the relationship to go to the extent of sexual intimacy but due to lack of self control, they found themselves struggling with the sin of fornication. Many of our youths are  now living like married couples without getting married.Most of the ladies suffering from depression,heartbreaks and domestic violence were not actually married to the man that treats them bad. Most of them just ran to the man maybe because they were pregnant for that man, tell me how will such a man value her. Being intimate means a lot of things to many, to me if you are intimate with someone  you share ideas with that person, you solve problems with that person, you pray together with that person, you help that person in his or her spiritual life.... If you commit any form of sin with that person you hate him or her because you are contributing to the downfall of such a person. Be wise today and let God's will be done your relationships then you will realize that a Godly relationship is a Golden relationship, precious and worth having. 

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