Our Helper

Our Helper One thing we should acknowledge in  any time of our lives is we have a helper, who will always be there for us even when we are in trouble. Sometimes we think we can do it on our own by struggles and our determinations but our determinations are only our own abilities and our abilities can fail us. The Bible says by strength no one can prevail (1Samuel 2:9).                         
When we depend on our own abilities we get frustrated, we need to seek for God's help because He is ever willing to help us. He has already sent the Holy Spirit to help us in our weaknesses. As the ropes help a mountain climbers so the Holy Spirit helps us to scale through obstacles. With the ropes strong enough and with determination  the mountain climber gets to the very top. When we hope in God and we are determined, we will surely be victorious.                                             
Don't trust in man or your own abilities trust in God and you will overcome.  You are not alone. 

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