Grace For Service

Grace for service Grace an undeserved forgiveness, kindness, favour,Mercy,gift that God gives to us and to serve means to be useful or helpful for a particular purpose or reason. As Christians we are, we have been called to do God's work, to serve.We are expected to be helpful and useful in this work.And this work is that we should do the will of God, obey God. We have been called to let the world know the will of God which is the Good News, our lifestyle should promote this work we have been called to do.We can not do this work on own strength alone, we are mare human beings,we still have the flesh that is why God has given us the grace which we never deserved. We would have perished if not for the grace of God.The grace is sufficient for us 2 Corinthians 12:9 "He said to me ,'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness '.Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness,so
 that Christ's power may rest on me".
Through Jesus Christ grace located mare sinners like us and we were freed  from sin, we were made God's workers and Christians (Christ-likes),ambassadors of the Lord.It was by grace that we were saved,  Ephesian 2:5. It is because of the grace of God that we can be proud of being the children of God and joint hares with Jesus Christ. The grace is for everyone no matter the race, language, height, nationality.... etc as long as we have accepted Christ as our Lord and forsake our sins, we are made children of God. We have been given the grace to work in the vineyard of the Lord, make yourself useful in this vineyard we have been called to work in.
Let us do this work we have been called for, we will surely give accounts of it. We have no excuse, God has already given us all we wanted,Grace.


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