10 Tips On Eating Out

Eating outDue to what many restaurants and fast foods serve, it is easy to eat more than 2000kcal at one meal.That does not mean eating out cannot be part of a healthy diet.Not necessarily by becoming an educated consumer and making meal choices you can also enjoy both a healthy diet and the social benefits of eating out.
           Tips for Eating out.
1. Avoid appetizers that are breaded,fried or filled with cheese or meat.
2. Order a healthful appetizer as an entrée instead of a larger meal.
3. If you order a meat dish,select lean cuts of meat.
4. Order a salad with low fat or non fat dressing served on the side.
5. Order steamed vegetables on the side instead of potatoes or rice.if you order potatoes, make sure to get a baked potato,with very little butter or sour cream on the side.
6. Order beverages with few or no calories such as water,tea or diet drinks.Avoid coffee drink made with syrups, as well as those made with cream whipping cream or whole milk.
7. Skip dessert or share dessert with a lot of friends or order fresh fruit for dessert.
8. If you feel full,take the rest home for another meal,don't feel you have to eat everything you are served.
9. Many of the yogurt parfaits offered at some fast foods and restaurants are loaded with sugar,fat and calories so watch out for them.
10. Avoid all you can eat buffet style restaurants.

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