Marriage Wishes

There is time and season for everything and this is your time and season.....looked back and remembered the days of your cold and lonely nights.
You were there for each other, as best friends with the love you have for each other you overcame a lot,now you both have finally decided to tie the knot.It is amazing, lovely,romantic and full with great emotions when you both have decided to take the bold step. Agreed and said it out for the world to hear.Our prayer is that after the wedding you will still remain as faithful, lovely,romantic, passionate as you have ever been and endure or bear with each other faults.The Bible says he that findeth a wife findeth good thing and often favor from the Lord. As you declare with the words "I do" remember those words and let the "I do" stand for everything in your marriage.As you build your love with the fear of God we wish you love,peace,understanding,fruitfulness,prosperity,good health,blessings........... Happy married life


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