Seeking the Lord

Psalms 105:4 Search for the Lord and for His strength, continually seek Him.

Praise God. Brethren one important thing we also need in this race of eternity is the strength to keep moving and never get weary. 
Dictionary definition of Strength: Is the quality or state of being physically strong.
That is good but not  needed in this race.
Brethren we need a strength that will sustain our soul till we get to the finish line. Not physical but Spiritual strength.
The first thing the scripture advice us, is to search for the Lord, this is only for those who have accepted Christ and have a relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit.
Searching for the Lord means reading the Bible and gaining knowledge from His words daily. So if you have not accepted Christ to be your Lord and savior, beloveth you are very much right on time, do that now by saying Lord Jesus, please I accept you now as my king and savior, come into me and rule over me, take over me and make me your own in Jesus Mighty Name Amen.

The second is searching for His strength, that which is needed to keep you going with your faith in Christ.
The strength we need is the joy of believing in the Lord, as written in the scripture “the joy of the Lord is our strength,Nehemiah 8:10”.
His can truly keep you going and smiling while you past through challenges.
Beloved searching and finding God’s way and strength doesn’t mean you are in Heaven already or you do it just once and stop, the verse says you should continually seek Him, because the race to eternity is a daily race, not a month or a year race.

Lord please keep me renew daily with your word and let your Joy in me keep me moving in Jesus Mighty Name.
G🌲🌲DM🌲RNING And Happy New Week. Shalom.

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