The Word

Psalms 1:1‭-‬2  Happy are those who reject the advice of evil people, who do not follow the example of sinners or join those who have no use for God.  Instead, they find joy in obeying the Law of the LORD , and they study it day and night.

Praise God. In life, we get a lot of advice both good and evil. It is up to us to choice the one we would take. 
 Many people are in doom today because of the evil advice they took heed to. 
Any advice that is contrary to the commands of God, flee from it.  
Most of these evil advice  come from people that are close to
us e.g our friends, parents etc.
You will only be able to dictate an evil advice if you have a relationship with God. 

Whose footsteps are you following?, Is the person's ways right with God?
The scripture says happy is the one who does not follow the examples of sinners, that means if you follow the examples of sinners, you will end in unhappiness.
The only person we can follow His examples is Jesus Christ.
Many have joined people that think they have no use for God, to feel special. They do not even think of the consequences at last. Be mindful of what you join others to do. The end should be what you think of. It will either be a good ending or bad ending.

Brethren find joy in obeying the Laws of the Lord and studying the scripture day and night, it will guide you in all your ways and help you to choose rightly.
G🌳🌳DM🌳RNING And shalom.

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