Fear No Man

 Proverbs 29:25 The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Praise God. Brethren how can a man the Lord give authority to dominate (rule or control) everything on earth, (Genesis 1:26-28) Suddenly turned into a man that is full of fear.

Human ought to walk with power and be fearless to lead and rule.

Genesis 3, gave us the analysis of human disobedience to God, that act of disobedient led to the lost of power and boldness, fear was the substitute.

Now the psalmist is making it clear to us how we can get back our confidence. But before that let’s see how Christ defeated fear when He was on earth, remember Jesus never feared anyone but respected everyone.

In Colossians 2:14-15 He canceled the record of the charges against us and took it away by nailing it to the cross.

15 In this way, He disarmed the spiritual rulers and authorities. He shamed them publicly by His victory over them on the cross.

In Act 1:8 tells us how we ought to receive the power back in fullness to witness without fear.

Beloved I want you to know that fearing people is a dangerous trap, and when you get in it, you might be doom forever, but trusting the Lord means safety.

So what should we do?.

Simple, act like Christ fear no man, but respect all men, trust and fear God only in Him you have wisdom and boldness to witness.

Always remember fear is a dangerous trap.

Psalms 27:1-14  will give you more insight. Stay safe in the Lord.



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