Proverbs 13:8 The rich can pay a ransom for their lives, 

    but the poor won’t even get threatened.

Praise God. Beloved it is a normal thing in the continents that the poor are being threatened and being used anyhow by the rich.

For you to be treated well or not threatened you need to be among the middle class of the rich.

It’s takes the grace of God for a poor man not to be threatened.

But the rich can pay any ransom for their lives, that why in this earth they answer the rich before the poor.

Jesus Christ came from heaven, He dwelled in a middle class family (Joseph&Mary) and when the disciples of John followed Him he told them the Son of man has no place to lay His head, He was poor in the eyes of many but was rich spiritually how few could see that, and He paid the ransom for our sins.

Now through Him we are sound and rich in spirit.

Brethren no matter how rich you are you will die and never can you bribe your way to heaven, please I beg you be rich in Christ for He has paid it all, Christ is the ticket to heaven and ransom for life.

Romans 6:23,Ephesians 1:7,

1 Corinthians 7:23.



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