Psalms 7:14 The wicked conceive evil; they are pregnant with trouble and give birth to lies.

Praise God. Conceive is to produce something from inside the mind or to become pregnant. Also known as “take into the womb" or "the mind.

Most of the people around you or living with you might conceive good things in their mind or in their belly for you, beloved don’t be deceived because miscarriage can come anytime, I believe after miscarriage women still have faith and hope that their will conceive again but in this time not all will conceive good things again, most will conceive evil things. What am I driving at most of us keep thinking that sister or brother of yesterday is still the same today and you go about telling them your secrets believing they are conceiving good things about you my brethren that is lie. Man can change.

Beloved if anyone becomes wicked know that what they conceive now is evil even if they pretend to be good that evil and trouble they are pregnant of they will surely give birth to it, (giving birth to lies).

Note: if someone start telling lies and he/she do not see it to be wrong know that they were pregnant of it for years but were pretending.

Be careful my brethren because this evil people are around you, they only love you when they control you, or when you are summiting to their carnality, when you are taking care of their problems but immediately they find out you are not able to do that anymore that evil which they have conceived will be given birth to, which is troubles and lies. 

Watch and prayer brethren for this evil people lives around you or with you, when you notice them apply wisdom. God help us all not to fall into their traps, they will fall in it themselves in Jesus Christ Name. Psalms 7:15.

G💐💐DM💐RNING And Shalom.


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