Be Full Of Expectation


Matthew 15:38 There were 4,000 men who were fed that day, in addition to all the women and children.

Praise God. Beloved Jesus had compassions on the people that came to hear Him teach the gospel for good three days, He knew most of their food they came with as finished, if He indeed let them go like that many will faint on their way and that will or might bring blaspheming to the gospel and the kingdom, remember the Pharisees were always close to pick out His faults.

Jesus Christ knew what the Father can do, then He asked His disciples “How much bread do you have?”They replied, “Seven loaves, and a few small fish.” They quickly responded because they knew what He can do, they brought it to Him, He gave thanks to the Father and break it into pieces, the all four thousands, male,female and children ate and were fed.

Brethren the reason why this word is coming to you this morning is to remind you in Christ be full of expectation and believing they will all come to pass, beloved as you worship in His court today open up your heart to receive that which you have been believing Him for in Jesus Christ Name.

God can do all things.

G💝💝DM💝RNING, Happy Sunday And Shalom.


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