Love in Action

 1 John 3:18  Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.

Praise God. Love is a word that is easily or commonly used but not practiced.

These days people speak about love but do not practice it.

God showed a practical love to us and He is expecting us to showcase love not just in words but in action.

When there is love there is peace, joy, selflessness etc.

It is of no use talking about how you love and care about someone without putting it in action.

Many can preach about love and quote scriptures on how to love our neighbors as ourselves yet do not love.

If you love your neighbor in action and in truth you will not think evil of him or her.

You will not cheat him or her, you will not be selfish.

We have to put in action what we speak. Care for people around you. Do not be a hypocrite.



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