Accept His Relationship


Zephaniah 3:2 No one can tell it anything; it refuses all correction. 

It does not trust in the Lord or draw near to its God.

Praise God. A doomed person is as good as a dead person, because he/she will not be able to listen, to receive corrections or trust in Christ, remember the dead can not praise the Lord.

Some of us are actually walking towards that state “you are so much full of yourself that no one can tell you anything, you refuse listen to the Lord or accepted His discipline, nor put your trust in the Lord or ask for His help. You just believe that life is what you think.

Believe Jesus Christ, He is giving you an opportunity to come to Him, your selfish righteousness or confident can not help.

 God is stretching forth His hand this season to help,you accept Christ today.

He died to save you from the sorrow waiting the rebellious, polluted, evil, and violent ones that are rejecting His corrections and disciplines.

Note: When you are defiling God’s temple, you disobeying His instructions.

Brethren accept His relationship today and to living in condemnation. Repent.


God Bless You And Shalom.


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