He Wept

 John 11:35 Then Jesus wept.

Praise God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is full of love and compassion.

As we all know this is the shortest verse in the scripture but fill with miseries.

Jesus heard about Lazarus illness and He knew when he died, arriving at Bethany in Jerusalem, Martha heard Jesus Christ was around she went to meet Jesus and protest “Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died.

Later Martha inform Mary the teacher is here and want to see you, Mary immediately went to see Him on getting to Jesus she fell at His feet “in worship” repeated the same words Martha said but in worship not in protest.

The scripture make us to know that a deep anger welled up within Him, and He was deeply troubled, He ask for his tomb, seeing it He wept because He saw how irritating death is and the pains it curses people.

This was not the plan of God for His people but through one man (Adam) who lost the key to devil, this brought about the wages of sin (death) given sorrow,pain and shame to the people.

Beloved let’s shout for joy as a Christlike we have a solution through our high priest, the lamb who died and conquer death with the power of resurrection now we have this confident in His words as He said to Martha in “John 11:25 Jesus told her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying.

He wept for you and I on His journey to Calvary because He loves us dearly and want us to be with Him in His Father’s House.

I pray that we will not take His love and pains He past-through to redeem us for granted.

Beloved Repent, “He Wept For You Not To Cry In Hell.

Think About It.



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