Vindicate Me


Psalms 26:1 Declare me innocent, O  Lord,  for I have acted with integrity; 

    I have trusted in the Lord without wavering.

Praise God. Most Christians do pray this prayer anytime they are in trouble or in a situation “they will boldly cry out for vindication”.

Because they believe  they trust the Lord.

Beloved if you are really determined to be set free as a innocent person from every evil things around you, please do add this to your prayer “Examine me and test me, Lord;     judge my desires and thoughts.

 -Psalms 26 : 2.

God will not declare someone that his/her heart and thoughts are cruel innocent.

He can only do that when He sees that your heart and thoughts are Godly but you still find yourself doing evil, then He will overtake or over-shadow you with His grace (sufficiently) while He work on you to make you innocent.

Brethren as we prepare ourselves to go into His sanctuary this morning, let’s go with the preparation for Christ to refine our heart and thoughts, then you will trust in Him totally (unconditionally) and see how He will settle or break you out of the issues of life.

G🌼🌼D M🌼RNING And Happy Sunday. Shalom.


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