Proverbs 21:26 Some people are always greedy for more, 

    but the Godly love to give.

Praise God. This is one thing you can find in most people (greediness).

Greedy: Is having or showing an intense and selfish desire for wealth, power or things.

People are so greedy in many ways, even in tithing or contributing but they claim to love God.

Beloved most Christians are greedy by not giving to the church or helping people in faith but can spend millions celebrating birthdays, weddings, lunching and others events to gain public fame which is nonsense and worthless.

And even when they consider to give, they give with a wicked, grumbling mind, please know this sir/ma that such offering or sacrifice is an abomination to God “Proverbs 21:27”

*Please change from such mindset if you are guilty.

You can learn how to be like the Godly (righteous) ones who love to give generously with God’s love.

Remember “John 3:16” the world favorite verse.


1. Father please fill me with your Spirit of giving in Jesus Christ Name.

2. Father please take away every evil spirit of greediness in me in Jesus Christ Name.

3 Father please turn my eyes from worthless fame in Jesus Christ Name.



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