His Message

 Ezekiel 12:7 So I did as I was told. In broad daylight I brought my pack outside, filled with the things I might carry into exile. Then in the evening while the people looked on, I dug through the wall with my hands and went out into the night with my pack on my shoulder.

Praise God. Messages and instructions from the Lord are powerful signs to tell us what will happen in future or what is happening now.

Maybe you’re the type the Lord choose to speak or reveal things to, for the good of His rebellious children to get understanding and turn back to Him, please I beg of you do what God ask you to do, so that His children will learn and follow the righteous way of the Lord.

This verse made us to understand how the sovereign Lord was speaking to His servant “Prophet Ezekiel” giving understanding of the kind of people he is living among, then God gave Ezekiel an instruction how to explain the meaning of his action as a sign to show what will happen soon, (Israel and Jerusalem will be driven into exile as captive).

Ezekiel 12:1-20.

Beloved if God has given you a warning, a program or a message for your generation please don’t refuse nor rebel against it, please do as our father Ezekiel did in obedience.

G❤️❤️DM❤️RNING And God Bless You. Shalom.


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