Turn Back

 Galatians 4:9  But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable forces ? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again?

Praise God. Remember when you accepted salvation, how fervent you were in the Lord. How everything about your lifestyle changed for Christ.

How you had a great relationship with God and He knows you. How you dressed decently and appreciate how beautiful you are. But now you think it is an archaic way of life. You are more concerned about the approval of men.

Why are you going back to those things that enslaved you?

Why are you  going back to those way of dressing you portrayed when you were still in the world?

Beloved, let not anyone deceive you, there is no modernity in God's standards. What He commands is still the same no matter, the years you are, the place you are, the church you are in and the level you have attained to.

If you will be sincere to yourself, you will know that your relationship with God and how you were burning for Him when you accepted the life of Christ has depreciated.

It is time to make amends.

It is time to come back to God, “so” He will know you again.

Do not wait till  the Last day to hear that the Lord knows you not. It will be too late. Go into your closet, pick out those behaviors, those clothes, those friends that does not give God glory in your life and take them away from your life before they will take you away from Heaven.

A word is enough for the Wise.

G🌻🌻D M🌻RNING And Happy weekend. Shalom.


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