Weapon For Battle


Hebrews 8:2 There He ministers in the heavenly Tabernacle, the true place of worship that was built by the Lord and not by human hands.

Praise God. Beloved worshippers of Christ please get this as you prepare yourself to enter into worshiping God today. “Hebrews 8:3 And since every high priest is required to offer gifts and animal sacrifices, our High Priest must make an offering, too.

Now Jesus Christ (our high priest) offer a unique and unyoke sacrifice not with animals but Himself (His life for us), since He also most make a sacrifice, He did it, to seal it forever.

Today our high priest is sitting in the Heavenly Tabernacle not made by human hands, which is also known as the true place of worship.

Beloved let’s not worship in flesh again, let’s ask Christ for the access to enter into the only true place of worship where our worship will be a fragrance, that turns to fire, then our worship becomes a weapon for winning battles.


Father Lord, please grant me the access into your Holy place of worship in Jesus Christ Name.

G🔥🔥DM🔥RNING And Happy Sunday. Shalom.


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