Part In Peace


Genesis 13:8 Finally Abram said to Lot, “Let’s not allow this conflict to come between us or our herdsmen. After all, we are close relatives.

Praise God. It is the work of the devil to bring conflict between two or more people, especially between groups, relatives and couples.

Conflict: A serious disagreement or argument between two or more people that often leads to anger and malice.

When this happens the Spirit of unity is divided, but in these case Abram shows us how we can handle such conflict, especially when it’s cost  by our own to bring us into enmity with other.

Abram applied Matthew 18:15, he went directly and privately to Lot to discuss the problem, which he also brought in a solution instead of anger, let’s part. Beloved parting your way with someone in peace is better than staying with someone with grudges and envy, this pretentious attitude or life style as increase evil in our society and claim so many lives. Everyone is guilty of this, but my prayer for us is as from this minute let God bring changes into our heart in Jesus Christ Name.



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