Walk With His Vision

 Jeremiah 16:8 “And do not go to their feasts and parties. Do not eat and drink with them at all.

Praise God. We have a generation that seems to be Godly, but ungodliness is their birth right, most people in our generation thinks participating in events makes them righteous in God’s sight. Beloved let me clear this to us “If God has given an instruction on how to live and walk, you can’t change it)

Look at what He instructed our father “Prophet Jeremiah”, do not go to funerals to mourn and show sympathy for these people, no one will bury them or mourn them, No one will offer a meal to comfort those who mourn for the dead,not even at the death of a mother or father. No one will send a cup of wine to console them, while the Lord was given Jeremiah  His word He added do not go to their feasts and parties. Do not eat and drink with them at all.

Because of their evil state, their pretense looks, being full of disobedient, pride and idolatry worship, their ancestors were so unfaithful but they are worst than their ancestors, stubbornly they follow their evil desires, just as we have them in this era.

One thing I mostly laugh about is when we Christians will want to go against God’s will to console such people when God Himself has removed His protection and peace from them, He has taken away His unfailing love and mercy, no one can console such people when God has taken all these away.

If we even want to console them, our consoling should be "repent and turn away from your old ways"  not sweet words.

Be mindful of God's commands.

G🥰🥰D M🥰RNING And Happy Sunday. Shalom.


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