Restoration For Our Lands

 Joel 3:1 “At the time of those events,” says the lord, 

    “when I restore the prosperity of Judah and Jerusalem.

Praise God. Beloved no matter the multiple events of life, God always finds a way to bless or restore His own.

The Lord sees and knows the right time to bring judgement to your foes and at the same time prosper you. Have you not noticed that when God wants to turn your situation around, He will always allow your enemies think they have won, in order words He will prepare your table of celebration in the presence of your enemies, beloved fear not, that bad situation of yours is coming to an end in Jesus Mighty Name. At the time when your foes are busy celebrating your down fall, God is busy restoring you, your house hold, your business, ministry and career, so that you will come out boldly to say in those days when the Lord was restoring the prosperity of the land, I was also restored that will be our testimony in Christ Name Amen.

This is our hope that on that day, Lord our God will gather the armies of the world into the valley of Jehoshaphat. 

There He will judge them for harming His people, for scattering His people among/around the nations, and for dividing up His land, His special possession for His children, I pray that this judgement will come upon our enemies in Jesus Christ Name.


1. Father please let your hand of prosperity rest upon me as you restore our land in Christ Name.

2. Father please let not this season of restoration past me by in Christ Name.

G❤️❤️D M❤️RNING and Happy Sunday. Shalom.

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