He Gives Strength


Luke 22:43 Then an angel from heaven appeared and strengthened Him.

Praise God. In this race of holiness (heaven) there are missions to be accomplish, and all these missions comes with their tasks (that are too hard sometimes), but as it was in the case of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when He was faced with the task of redeeming mankind (the final stage which He needed to pass) He was weak when He perceived in prayer the torture and pain that comes with it, instead of running away or giving up He prayed the more and asked for His Father’s will to be done, then an angel was sent from heaven to strengthened Him. “Luke 22:42-43”.

My beloved brethren in faith we should be encouraged on how Jesus Christ was led in all His tasks He accomplished (bring us all to the Father as sons, by dying on the cross). Brethren when our missions get tough all we need do is to ask God for His will to be done sincerely and He will send His ministering angels to minister strength that will keep us through this heavenly journey. Never give up nor lose faith, call upon the Lord, He will answer you. Psalm 50:15.


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