Dwell Where Christ Has Assigned For You

 Psalms 104:8 They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.

Praise God. While God commanded the waters He already created a place for them from His heart. So before God created you, He already have a place for you “your duty on earth”. Whatsoever place, or position you are today or you are going to be, it is all about God’s decree over your life because God your creator has assigned a place for you from the day He had you in mind when He created the world.

That is also how He has placed a boundary before you and your enemies.

The sea can only flow through where He has assigned for them, with a decree that it will not cover the earth again “boundary” this morning I am here to tell you that the Lord has set a boundary between you and every difficulties and problems, you expectations will never be cut off, as you continue to dwell where the Lord has place you or assigned for you.

Psalms 33:7, 104:7-9.

G🥰🥰D M🥰RNING And God Bless You. Shalom.

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